Recycling Exhibition in Europe


Recycling Exhibition in Europe and Taha Sanat presence in this event; It has been so long time that the earth is no more, a beautiful place to live! In fact, since human being has entered all over the world since thousands years ago, the final achieved result has been a machinery and industrial life based on destruction of vital ecosystems.

However we pretend that we love the nature and even try to protect the environment, we stillhave no evidence to prove this friendship. Because the destruction of the Earth, due to incorrect maintenance of all aspects of its natural sides is the proof of the old enmity between man and earth!
Hence there have been efforts in the benefit of nature and protecting the natural sources, which, although were not enough, must be considered as good events. One of the items in this field which has been helpful has been “Recycling Phenomenon”!

In fact, an efficient and accurate idea for the reuse of waste, which is such as a gift of man to the nature and the Earth. In this report it has been tried to talk about recycling equipment exhibition in the world.
An Exhibition that beside the commercial aspect and is known as the world’s largest recycling exhibition, its cultural aspect is also more considerable. In fact this exhibition tries to show the entire world people that the Earth is the first and last home of human being and if we don’t consider this point the earth would not be a beautiful place to live any more.
First we want to have a history of waste separation system. Since 1990, Germany has been begun financing waste by developing a waste separation system in place (home, factory, hotel, etc.). And it has been followed so that Germany is now among the progressive nations in recycling industry. Approximately all the houses and residential complexes and offices collect their trash in identified different colors trash cans. This project is expanded more in world day by day.
So that it has been implementing seriously in our country too, i.e. to spilling the wet and dry waste in their special bins.

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